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Holden Lacour

Holden lacour small
1 · P/INF

Conley Davis

Conley davis small
2 · P/OF

Dylan Taylor

Dt taylor small
3 · INF

Josh Sharp

Josh sharp small
4 · OF

Jake Herren

Jake herren small
5 · INF

James Dorsey

James dorsey small
6 · OF

Davis Camuso

Davis camuso small
7 · P/OF

Charlie Boyce

Charlie boyce small
8 · C

Isaiah Jordan

Isaiah jordan small
10 · 1B/3B

Jonathan Oldknow

Jojo oldknow small
11 · C/P

Hector Diaz

Hector diaz small
12 · P/OF

Dylan Werle

Dylan werle small
14 · P/INF

Chase Sammon

Chase sammon small
15 · 1B/OF

Joey Harvard

Joey harvard small
17 · P

Caleb Cruz

Caleb cruse small
18 · C/P

Jonathan Jamie

Jonathan jaime small
21 · P/1B

Chris Harakas

Chris harakas small
25 · 1B

Josh Sosa

Josh sosa small
27 · P/OF

Photo Number Name Pos.
Holden lacour small 1 Holden Lacour P|INF
Conley davis small 2 Conley Davis P|OF
Dt taylor small 3 Dylan Taylor INF
Josh sharp small 4 Josh Sharp OF
Jake herren small 5 Jake Herren INF
James dorsey small 6 James Dorsey OF
Davis camuso small 7 Davis Camuso P|OF
Charlie boyce small 8 Charlie Boyce C
Isaiah jordan small 10 Isaiah Jordan 1B|3B
Jojo oldknow small 11 Jonathan Oldknow C|P
Hector diaz small 12 Hector Diaz P|OF
Dylan werle small 14 Dylan Werle P|INF
Chase sammon small 15 Chase Sammon 1B|OF
Joey harvard small 17 Joey Harvard P
Caleb cruse small 18 Caleb Cruz C|P
Jonathan jaime small 21 Jonathan Jamie P|1B
Chris harakas small 25 Chris Harakas 1B
Josh sosa small 27 Josh Sosa P|OF